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No ATM in your area?
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Collaborate with the leading ATM provider
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Our ATMs can be found all over the globe ensuring everyone has secure access to cash. We want to provide payment choice and be there when cash is the only option.

Our aim is to make the Euronet EFT ATM experience easy, but you may have questions. Please find below some of the most frequently asked questions, along with tips on how to stay safe at the ATM and a few helpful blogs.

If you encounter an issue with any of our ATMs, please click the below button to connect with our Customer Service Team.


Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions

What type of cards does the Euronet ATM accept?

Euronet accepts the following card brands: all VISA cards including VPay, PLUS, Electron, all MasterCard branded cards including Maestro and Cirrus, JCB, CUP/UPI (China Union Pay), ServiRed and AMEX.

What is the maximum limit of cash withdrawal per day?

The limit on daily withdrawal amounts or on number of daily transactions on ATMs and POS is imposed by each bank, not by Euronet. It may differ according to the card’s origin and type. Your card provider will be able to give you more details on this.

Who is responsible if the ATM is out of service?

Euronet. If there is a problem with the ATM, please contact the Euronet customer service team immediately and they will take the necessary actions to repair the ATM as quickly as possible. The Euronet customer service number is +632 82506700

My card was captured. I want it back … can you return it to me?

When a card is captured it is normally due to a request by the issuing bank, or due to a cardholder error (e.g. the cardholder did not retrieve his card within the time allowed and the card was captured for security reasons). Unfortunately, Euronet cannot return captured cards to the cardholder as we are bound by the card issuer and card scheme rules, which determines the card capture/destruction procedures. Please contact Euronet customer service immediately as well as your bank, to receive further instructions.

The cash was not dispensed and my account has been debited. How do I get my money back?

Please contact the Euronet customer service team and your bank, in order to notify them of the incident. The two entities will work together to rectify the problem. The Euronet customer service number is 0800 032 0707.

ATM Safety

Stay safe at any ATM with these helpful tips

Check the ATM

Before you use the ATM, always check to see if there are any unusual objects or any trace of damage on the machine (e.g. if there is something placed on the card reader)! If you see anything unusual on the ATM or there’s an error message displayed – do not use the machine.

Be safe at the ATM

Stand at the ATM so no one can see your PIN code or how much money you have withdrawn. We suggest hiding the PIN pad with your hands when entering the code and before you take your cash and card, look around, is anyone standing directly behind you?


Never offer up any information to a stranger, especially card, bank account or PIN details, even if they advise they work for the bank. Always contact either your bank or Euronet directly!

Helpful Blogs

Quick links to useful information

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